Monday, January 12, 2015

Another beginning

Layer two - second paiinting in the emerge series
Hello friends! It's a snowy Monday here in New England - early enough in the year that it doesn't bother anyone too much.  However, all of you Californians who are posting those beautiful blooms on Instagram have me longing for a trip somewhere warm!

Which brings me to this painting. The sun seems to be shining out of this one - which is odd for me to begin in this colorway. The layers are developing through value as opposed to color and this is a somewhat different  approach for me. I am keeping an open mind to this though as I am happily fining my subject matter through this process. More as the week unfolds! I hope this finds you creating something today! If you need some creative structure - it's early bird sign up right now at my site for my new Mixed Media Online class which starts in March! Head over and check it out here.

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