Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snowstorms and other distractions

Well Juno hit and left a lot of fluff in the wake. I love and hate snow all at the same time. Giddy to have everything fresh and white mired by displacement of routine and disappointment of makeup classes all wrapped into one. And the cold cold of the cold.

But it's only weather and so obviously what can one do?

READING is a good option - which brings me to Heather Ross's book that I just finished. Loved it to pieces. What courage and sheer will to survive. Forget WILD. well no - that goes too far because I loved that book too and well it was a magnificent telling of a tough tale and loads of courage there too. Loved it. Excellent non-fiction writing which is my favorite.

But Heather's book hits a nerve with me as I lived in those parts growing up. Her hardships were immense for a child. A small child - which I guess really made it tough to read and imagine her getting out alive and able to do all that she has done..  I didn't live the way as she did in Northern Vermont -  but I knew those who did and remember it well - from the edges.

I loved the essay fashion of her writing and the way she illustrated her book. It's heart breaking and triumphant all at the same time. I highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling sorry for themselves.

The icing on the cake with this book is that it is also very beautiful. I have always admired her work and her delicate drawings - I always felt they had to come from an intimate relationship with nature. Now I know her story and know it's true.

So the snow day was not bad at all. I am still torn on the idea of actually naming winter storms. Seems a little strange. I hope it doesn't replace phrases like "The storm of '78" and other significant years! Maybe it's just that I am so bad with names?

Final thoughts for today: You can now register for my NEW online mixed media class! My class at artstream has been producing some beautiful works (see above by Celeste) - that I will be sharing the processes and methods via videos in my new online class (Starts March 2!!) Sign up here (and get all the juicydetails) for the earlybird pricing!! 

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