Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wintery Trees

from Art for All Seasons "winter" chapter

It's a frigid 7F outside which makes it the perfect weather for a little indoor fun! Today we are going to make Wintery Trees which is a lesson from my new book Art for All Seasons. It's one of the 40 art projects that are inspired by the four seasons and contemporary artists.

The lesson is inspired by my friend and artist extraordinaire - Lisa Congdon's Folk Forest and the weather outside as seen above! So grab these materials and let's get started!

Wintery Trees Materials List
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • dark colored construction paper or recycled dark paper
  • white copy paper
  • recycled old book pages or photocopies
  • recycled CD
  • pencil 
Let's begin!

First rip some long strips of white paper for your snowy ground

Trace around the CD onto the old book page. We used old sheet music.  Cut out the circle and cut the circle in half.

Place the paper in front of you with the curved side down like a boat. Fold the top right edge down like a cone shape.

Flip over the paper and fold the rounded edge in to meet the first fold. You are making the tree boughs!

Flip the paper back and fold again. Continue to the tippy top and glue down the folds!

Make a whole forest of trees and arrange them on your snowy ground. Glue them down when you are sure where they should go. Add trunks and a moon or stars or clouds or owls or whatever you want to live in your forest.

There are so many different ways to change this collage project up! You can add watercolor to the trees to add more color. Glitter could be involved here. Adding recycled cotton from vitamin bottles for wispy clouds or drawing in tiny forest animals ...  There is no end to what could be done with this project.  How about making a card for someone special? If you and/or your kids make one of these collages I would love you to share it at our Facebook page! Have fun!

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