Friday, January 2, 2015

Wishes for the New Year

Red Sails 24x24 mixed media painting
Welcome! I am so glad that you are here! This first post is illustrated above with one of my newest paintings "Red Sails" . Let's sail full sail into 2015 together!

 My wishes for the New Year:

To be bold in my art making! (exploring more)

To spend more time with self care. (strength training and more spa time)

To let go of the unnecessary. (clutter both physical and mental)

To become dedicated to my routines. (including my writing and swimming)

What are your wishes for 2015?

My wishes for writing routine includes this blog. Hand to Art will be a place filled with art from my hand and others - as well as my art lessons, experiences and travels. I have been happily blogging for the past ten years over at arteprit and am ready to start a fresh new blog, ready for the next decade and bring artesprit to a close.

There are lots of things I am excited to share with you here. I plan on posting most every day and to include an art technique or DIY each week for both kids and adults - similar to the pages of my best selling books. Also you will get peeks into my studios both home and at artstream, which will include some of my student's work as well as my own WIP. We like to travel around and so our art-filled adventures on the road will show up here too.  There will be interviews with people who inspire me. I am hoping to also add some video components too!

My greatest hope for this space is to share all the passion I have for the creative life!

See you here friends!


  1. Great wishes for 2015! very similar to my own. Happy new year.