Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Make-It: Glue Prints

 Glue Prints! Everyone loves glue and this project really allows creativity to flow - with simple materials and a bottle of glue! This is a great project to start today and pick up again later in the week as drying time is needed - at least overnight! The materials list contains affiliate links (thanks for your support!) to some materials.

What you'll need:

A bottle of liquid school glue
A stiff piece of card stock or mat board or cardboard
A paper plate
Lightweight paper white or colored to print on

Let's Make It!

1. Draw (or not!) your design on the stiff card or mat board. Squeeze out the glue to follow the lines you drew or make new ones!

2, Let dry overnight!

3. Roll out the ink on a paper plate until smooth.

4. Roll the brayer over the dried glue until the glue lines are covered.
5. Place the lightweight printing paper over the wet ink and rub the back of the paper with you hands in circular motions to pick up all the ink. Be careful not to move the paper once you have placed it or it will smudge - but sometimes that looks amazing too!  BE BRAVE!

6. Pull your print off and let dry for several hours. Make one for all of your friends and family! 

7/ You can add color with crayon, pastel or colored pencils as our artist in the first photo opted to do!  

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