Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Make it Mondays : Found wood

 First find yourself an old piece of wood with chippy paint and plenty of distress. I found this old door which suited my purposes. Turn it each way - this and that. Around and around! find something in the distressed areas. Pretend it's like looking at the clouds in the sky when they appear to be rabbits or snails or ....  Then outline with pencil your found image. I saw a girl. Using acrylic paint add color!
Here she is getting her first coats of paint in for her face and hair. It's easy to paint in details if the wood is smooth. If not - don a mask and sand it a bit.
Here she is a little further along. Have fun with this process. It's playful. Can't find an image in the wood? Ask a kid. They will be very helpful. Happy Summer to you!

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