Monday, June 1, 2015

Make it Mondays! String Painting

Good Morning friends and happy June! It's Make it Monday and today we are making String Prints! This is a fun way to paint/print for most every age child and of course brave adults...
All you need is cotton string and a small container of tempera or acrylic paint and paper to print on!

Dip the string in the paint and drop it on the paper - hold onto one end! Drag it around the paper or drop it  over and over again to make marks.
You can also try dropping it on the paper, hold the end and fold the paper over the string and pull the string out for a different look! Use one or more colors - the choice is yours! Post a photo in our Facebook page of your results if you would like to share. More fun art lessons are available in my books and in my classes and camps in New Hampshire - and now online

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