Thursday, January 19, 2017

Old Papers & Art making

Today I was thinking about supplies I use in my art and teaching art. For many years I have collected and been given old paper in the forms of sheet music, books, magazines, maps and letters. I find it fascinating to offer them to students during class and observe how they use them.  Backgrounds (as you see in my drawing above) are popular and so is using the text to express a word or two. I love tearing the paper into strips and using it for landscapes or weaving it into new shapes. Sometimes students find texture within the density of words and play with that in their work.  It's a great go to for collages and all work involving paper. Keep a box or drawer on hand filled with your favorites.
Red Bird City (sold)

October a collage from my paperdoll calendar 2010

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Art for All Seasons: : Paper Quilts

Art for All Season :: Winter Project :: Paper Quilts
 On this blustery cold winter day a warm quilt is something wonderful to wrap yourself in! 
It's also the perfect time of year for a creative indoor activity for all ages to join in on! Let's design our own quilt in paper and use up our leftover paper scraps - just like quilters use up the leftover material scraps to make something beautiful.  This project comes from my fourth book: Art for All Seasons.
 Let's start with the simple materials list below.
Colorful scrap papers from your recycled bin including packaging, envelopes, newspapers and magazines as well as past art projects you want to cut up!

UHU glue stick (it just works the best!)


Ruler if straight is your thing

Washi tape (optional)

Heavier paper for backing the quilt

 Let's go!

1. Decide on your shape and size of shapes for your quilt pieces. Our model chose a square but anything works.

2. Cut one shape out and use it as a pattern for your other pieces, Trace the shape on as many pieces as you need too fill up your quilt!
 3. Square shapes can be easily made into triangles if you cut them diagonally! (She used a ruler for this with a pencil line to guide her cutting)
3. Arrange your pieces on the heavy weight paper before gluing! try different layouts.
 4. When you are happy with your design start gluing from the top row. Use a scrap paper to apply the glue to the back of the piece and then position onto the backing paper.  Press firmly!
5. When you are done gluing you may choose to add a washi tape or paper border! 

Make more paper quilts in the styles of :

A quilt you have

A traditional quilt pattern

A crazy quilt

One of Gee's Bend quilts

Amish style quilts

Have fun!