Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Make it Mondays : Found wood

 First find yourself an old piece of wood with chippy paint and plenty of distress. I found this old door which suited my purposes. Turn it each way - this and that. Around and around! find something in the distressed areas. Pretend it's like looking at the clouds in the sky when they appear to be rabbits or snails or ....  Then outline with pencil your found image. I saw a girl. Using acrylic paint add color!
Here she is getting her first coats of paint in for her face and hair. It's easy to paint in details if the wood is smooth. If not - don a mask and sand it a bit.
Here she is a little further along. Have fun with this process. It's playful. Can't find an image in the wood? Ask a kid. They will be very helpful. Happy Summer to you!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Making art with Groups

This group of droplets were painted by a variety of people of all ages. They were to be installed in our local hospital's CHAD unit. This was a project I directed six years ago and really enjoyed both the creating/conception of it as well as the final installation. Local woodworker Pat Bowen made the wooden droplets to my specs. Good things happen with art in groups!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Make-it Mondays : Buttermilk Chalk drawings

Good Morning friends! Today we are making paintings with Buttermilk and Chalk!

So gather these materials:




Simply dip the chalk into the buttermilk and draw!

The buttermilk makes the dust from the chalk go away.

It creates a smooth rich line.

Keep dipping between lines

Draw anything you can think of.

The more colors you use the more vibrant your drawing will be.

Let the drawing dry and then hang it up to admire it!

New Exhibit for July!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

On the Walls : in The Square Magazine

Good Morning friends! When Chloe Kanner emailed and asked if we would mind being photographed with the focus on our home and our art I was hesitant (looking around at the dust buffalo as I call them) but agreed as I really really like Chloe Kanner.
We did scrub up nicely and she did focus on the art and how much it means to us in our home - not just in our gallery. It was fun in the end and her wonderful photographer Meg Hamilton from Rodeo & Co. captured us perfectly.
I was thrilled that she was able to capture our sculpture by Adam Pearson called "The Traveler" as it's so hard to photograph!! A big thanks to The Square for this article!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Make-it Mondays! Kids Potato Prints

 So easy and safe with the use of plastic cutlery and some pre-halved potatoes! It's a great feeling to let the kids carve them on their own and take pride in their own work.  SO - Let's make some art!

A finished print on construction paper with brown ink

Slice a potato in half either length-wise or width-wise for the child

Let the child use a plasatic knife or fork and scrape and dig the potato to make marks on the flesh side.

Place potatoes flesh side down on paper towels to absorb moisture. Press potato into an ink pad and press firmly!

Put four - six newspaper sections under the sheet of paper you will print on. Press inked potato onto paper firmly.

Lift the potato up and re-ink to continue printing! Make a pattern with different colors and carved potatoes!

West Coast Friends :: Lisa Solomon and Blair Stocker

Winding the blog tour down out on the west coast with uber talented artist and friend Lisa Solomon who asked me some questions about the book and  is giving away one of my books Art for All Seasons over at her instagram. Check out her lovely lovely book as well!

Today Blair Stocker of WiseCraft fame is posting the last stop on the tour over at her blog - so stop by there too and say hello hello! This lovely bunting was the inspiration for one of the projects in the winter section of the book. Blair is an amazing craftsperson and I am in love with all things WISECRAFTed. Here's a link to her book as well which I own and love!

Stay tuned for make-it Monday!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Make-It Monday : Salt Painting

It's Tuesday but we are going to begin it with our Make-It Monday! Today we are doing a resist and salt painting activity which is great for all ages. First gather thee simple materials:
  • Cover stock
  • Oil pastels or crayons
  • Salt
  • Watercolor set with soft brush
  • Soft sponge
  • Water
Now follow me through these easy steps! 

First draw on the paper with crayon or oil pastel.Leave some areas blank.

Add water to the paper with the sponge to make it damp.

Choose a color and paint over the damp areas with the brush. The color will spread on the damp paper!

Keep adding colors and spreading them across the paper. Add more water if necessary.

When you are finished with the watercolor take a pinch or two of the salt and sprinkle over the whole painting or just in a few spots. Let dry completely and rub off the salt! Post photos of your work here or at our Facebook page.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Make it Mondays! String Painting

Good Morning friends and happy June! It's Make it Monday and today we are making String Prints! This is a fun way to paint/print for most every age child and of course brave adults...
All you need is cotton string and a small container of tempera or acrylic paint and paper to print on!

Dip the string in the paint and drop it on the paper - hold onto one end! Drag it around the paper or drop it  over and over again to make marks.
You can also try dropping it on the paper, hold the end and fold the paper over the string and pull the string out for a different look! Use one or more colors - the choice is yours! Post a photo in our Facebook page of your results if you would like to share. More fun art lessons are available in my books and in my classes and camps in New Hampshire - and now online