Friday, January 15, 2016

Ten Reasons to try Monoprinting

Birds in the Bush A monoprint enriched with pastel
 So what is monoprinting anyway and why am I so excited to offer a month long - 30 instructional days of it this year? Let me count the ways for you! Monoprinting Class begins February 1st! Join us for a low-tech - low materials process oriented great fun class!
Come spring multi layered print with transparent layers. Click to enlarge
  1.  Monoprinting is a lot like painting because you end up with ONE image at the end.
  2. Unlike painting it goes at a quicker pace.
  3. It encourages you to be spontaneous 
  4. It helps you work through many ideas in one session.
  5. It can allow for mistakes to be triumphs.
Surface  a gelatin monoprint

6. It is a playful process
7. Each print is a useful material for other work.
8. Each print can stand on it's own as art.
9. It's a great way to get drawing back into your life.
10. It will surprise you each time you pull a print!

There are thousands more - but I'll let you find out for yourself ! Have a beautiful weekend!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Online Printmaking Classes!

I am excited to announce my new online classes for 2016! First up is the new Playful Printmaking series starting next month. There are three separate classes focusing for 4 weeks on a specific method of printmaking Each of these classes have daily instruction through photo illustrative steps. There are weekly videos to guide you through the processes and inspiration and interviews from other artists working with printmaking processes.  There is special pricing available as well for the classes too!
These classes are 30 full days of instruction with an extra 30 days to soak up all the info too.
Wondering what can printmaking do for you?  I've made a list below to illustrate!
Birds in the Bush a monotype with mixed media 

  • Opens the door for experimentation
  • Allows you to repeat a visual thought easily
  • Allows you to use photographs in a new way in your artwork
  • Gives you the ability to transfer your designs to fabric
  • Expands your understanding of color
  • Loosens up your art practice
  • Defines your designs
  • Gives you a starting point for ideas
  • Adds a new layer of texture to your mixed media paintings
  • Allows you the freedom to "try again" easily
  • Builds confidence
Click to learn more about each class right here!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello Sweet '16

Watercolor florals example
Greetings from the FIRST Monday of the year! I love a new beginning - a chance to start new projects and set new goals.Choosing a word that can gently sit beside you all year long is another pretty great thing as well.  I don't usually share my word but this year is different. I want to share the word that will guide me to this time next year.


Websters defines it:
  • to look at (something) in a careful way to learn more about it : to study or analyze (something)
  • to talk or think about (something) in a thoughtful and detailed way
  • to learn about (something) by trying it
My deepest intentions this year are rooted in exploration. There you have it!

Watercolor abstracted floral
Also, I see the new year is full of good things just waiting to unfold. For me it's all about spending more time with my art, my routine and ideas and my students.  We have a great selection of workshops and classes at artstream - and right now we are setting up our online classroom for the new workshops and classes 24/7 for YOU! Where ever you live, what ever your schedule these classes are available to you to access. Registration opens on Saturday January 9th.

There are three BRAND NEW sets of classes!
Introducing :
Printmaking without a press (three segments to choose from or take all!) Block printing/Monotype/Silkscreen
Watercolor I : Florals and Abstract - get loose and love the medium that goes anywhere with you!
Art Together: Adults and kids making time for art - based on  my best selling books Art Lab for Kids

I am thrilled to be  unveiling a special deal with these classes as well. For the month of January everyone who signs up for one or more of the new classes will receive unlimited use of Let's Paint - a great primer for anyone exploring color and art both novice and seasoned artist!  This offer will be good for all who register by midnight EST January 30th.  Stay tuned for registration!!